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Smart Warehouse Management

Why Choose Dexterity WMS?

Dexterity WMS helps you manage and streamline your warehouse. With flexible and configurable rules based software, Dexterity WMS makes for a more efficient warehouse operation and enhances and automates all of your warehouse processes to ensure accurate stock and fast error free orders delivered to your customers. 

Dexterity WMS - Systems Map

Dexterity WMS manages every aspect of your warehouse and logistics operations from Goods Receiving to Pick, Pack & Ship to your customers. A flexible and configurable warehouse management system, Dexterity improves and automates warehouse processes to ensure accurate stock and fast and efficient goods receiving and order picking. barcode driven and connected using Industrial WiFi, Dexterity empowers your workers and provides them with the latest in warehouse and logistics technology.

Inbound Processes

  • ​Label on Receipt

  • Pallet Management

  • Cross Dock Features

Inbound Processes

QC Management

  • ​Manage & Release

  • User Defined Reasons

  • QC History of Stock

  • QC Labelling

  • QC Emails

Manage the Stock

  • Locations/Quantities

  • FIFO/FEFO Dates

  • Batches/Lots

  • Expiry Dates

  • Serial Numbers


  • Works Orders

  • Bill of Materials

  • Issues to Production

  • Finished Goods

  • Labelling

Pick, Pack & Ship

  • ​Manage & Release

  • Group/Zone Picking

  • Pack & Label Process

  • Carrier Integration

  • Despatch Process


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Sage 200 is an excellent ERP system designed to manage all the commercial aspects of your business from CRM through Order Management and Financials.

Dexterity WMS is different, taking the warehouse rules outside Sage 200 to provide a highly flexible system that can cater for varied ways of working for any operational warehouse model whilst maintaining complete real time integration with Sage 200.  Dexterity WMS compliments and enhances Sage 200 to provide a fully featured warehouse management solution for the wholesaler, manufacturer and distributor.

Sage Developer

Dexterity WMS for Sage 200

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