Whether raw materials, component parts or finished goods, inbound receiving is often the start of your warehouse management solution. Dexterity WMS gives you the ability to easily capture and document details about the goods coming into your warehouse and automatically allocate them to the corresponding purchase orders, produced by your chosen ERP, using mobile data capture terminals and scanning barcodes. Depending on the mobile device you choose, you can incorporate our Image Capture module, enabling users to take photographs and videos of damaged goods or record missing items, to send as proof to suppliers.

Operators are guided through the steps on the mobile device and simply scan barcodes or enter information via the onscreen keyboard, when prompted, so even the newest of staff members can start working, with minimal training. Labels and documentation, including Goods Receipt Notes and product labels, can be printed at this point, if not already provided by suppliers, using mobile or industrial barcode label printers.


Purchase Orders can be created, managed and closed within Dexterity and real-time information pushed back into your chosen ERP. 

Back To Back ordering is the process of raising a Purchase Order for goods to fulfil a specific Sales Order or group of Sales Orders. Unlike the usual process of a Sales Order where the stock is allocated from inventory, the Sales Order will only be allocated when the stock is received against the respective Purchase Order. This is especially useful for special order goods or stock you do not wish to hold in inventory but ordered on demand.

The Purchase Order Management Screen is used to get an overview of the current Purchase Orders and allows you to filter them based on their receipt process.


Dexterity WMS can make the process of receiving goods by container more efficient, saving warehouse operators valuable time. Using Inbound Shipping Containers, you can add partial or full standard purchase order lines to a container, to aid and streamline the receipt process. The Inbound Container Management Screen can be used to see an overview of any outstanding inbound containers and allows you to filter them based on their status and to aid the planning phase, you can specify how many pallets (and pallet spaces) each line on the container will consist of. This allows you to prepare enough Handling Units ahead of time ready for receipt.


Sales Returns are used to receive stock returned by your customers, so that it can be booked into the warehouse and dealt with according to your company returns policy. Although often created within the ERP solution, Sales Returns can be created, edited and closed within Dexterity WMS via the Sales Order Management Screen, including a Comments section to detail any relevant damage or problems noted on receipt. Users are then able to print any relevant labelling or documentation, for example Sales Return Goods Receipt Notes and information is passed back to the ERP for processing refunds, etc.

Automating the sales return process ensures that all data is accurately captured and goods are fully received onto the system, eliminating delays and errors.



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