Professional Services

Project Management

WMS Project Management

Delivering a project on-time and within budget takes management and planning. Our team will guide your business through the preparation required for a successful project roll out and "Go Live"


WMS Implementation

And we will be part of your team throughout the implementation phase starting with a "'Functional Workshop" resulting in a system blueprint and implementation plan. Effective communication from start to finish.

Customer Support

WMS Customer Support

Once the Dexterity WMS project is "live" you can rely on our experienced support team to help with any questions and diagnose any issues you may encounter in day to day use of the system.

Systems Integration

WMS Systems Integration

Dexterity WMS  integrates with many ERP, Financial, Commercial and bespoke in-house developed systems. We work closely with many ERP software companies and specialist integration partners.

Sage Developer

WMS Sage Developer

Being a Sage Developer for over 15 years, we have implemented many Dexterity WMS Systems for Sage 200 Users. We also have a generous Sage Business Partner Programme for successful project referrals.



Dexterity works using the latest in WiFi mobile technology, carefully selected to meet the needs of the modern warehouse and capable of high speed rea-time communication and superior barcode scanning.

Some of our Clients

Kilo Ltd
Travall WMS System
Sage 200 WMS Systems
Beauty Works WMS
Sage 200 WMS Systems


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