• Jim Southern

Barcodes and the Warehouse


Barcodes have been around for decades and might not be the newest technology on the block, so are they still relevant in today's distribution operations? Well yes, and they are still growing in popularity thanks to their simplicity and versatility.

You'll see barcodes every day in supermarkets and hospitals and more recently the QR code used in the mobile world for marketing purposes. However, its in logistics applications and supply chain warehouses are where we at Barcode-IT put the simple barcode to best use.

Some basic truths about the simple barcode:

Implementing barcodes in the warehouse is easier than you think.

Many businesses still use a paperwork systems. This is because they don’t realise just how easy it is to make the switch to barcodes and barcode driven systems. This means they are missing out on the many advantages barcodes boast over manual paperwork processes.

One important metric is that barcode use can improve accuracy. According to estimates, manual keyboard

entry has an average of one typo for every 300 characters; the error rate for barcode scanners is one out of every 36 trillion. These mistakes can be costly and have a tremendous impact on the bottom line of the business.

Another benefit is accountability. Barcode systems can help keep track of inventory to make sure you know what you have, where it is and if it's available to sell.

Barcodes can also help distribution and manufacturing businesses use their time more efficiently. They eliminate the need for employees to waste hours looking for misplaced inventory, constantly counting stock and manually recording and re-keying critical transactional information. Implemented and used alongside a smart WMS system, barcodes can revolutionise you warehouse and logistics operation.

We have a wealth of experience in implementing our barcode driven Dexterity WMS Systems to help clients realise the benefits of a smart Warehouse Management System. Please get in touch for a no obligation and no pressure discussion on how Dexterity WMS could help your business.


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