• Jim Southern

Faster Picking with WMS

In today’s competitive markets customers demand and expect faster delivery times, otherwise they go elsewhere. To remain competitive businesses must accommodate and service these high expectations by streamlining and speeding up order delivery times. This can imply increasing staffing levels, equipment and other expensive resources which increase warehouse costs. However, there is another option which will allow to do more with your existing warehouse operation: A WMS System. WMS is also a long term solution that will keep on delivering benefits year after year.

A WMS System allows you to work smarter with your existing warehouse resources to achieve faster picking and shipping of customer orders and you can be confident that they are accurate as well. You can pick orders faster with minimal investment in additional resources. Increased warehouse efficiency is also possible without sacrificing operational flexibility. Since order fulfillment is often a large investment in terms of manual labour, let’s focus on how a WMS system can increase the speed and efficiency of your picking process.

Dexterity WMS can help improve the picking process by grouping orders in a way that improves the picking workflow. For example, you could sequence the items of an order in a way that minimises the picker's walking distance through the warehouse. To further increase efficiency, the pickers can handle multiple orders in a single pass through the warehouse whilst minimising travel time and walking distance. This is called "Collective" or "Consolidated" picking.

Collective picking minimises warehouse travel by combining the items for multiple orders and separating or packing them at the pickface. For example, a picking trolley with separate boxes for each order coupled with a mobile printer to print delivery and box contents labels.

Consolidated picking minimises warehouse travel by combining the items for multiple orders without keeping them separate. The items are then sorted and packed into separate customer orders at a staging or "drop off" area.

Dexterity WMS can also be used to manage zone picking. Pickers are assigned to different warehouse "zones" where they pick items within their zone for a particular order or group of orders and then marshall the items to the drop off areas. The Dexterity smart packing functions are used to guide packers to locate and pack the individual customer orders.

Dexterity WMS can also sequence orders so that all customers common to a particular carrier collection are prioritised to meet pick up times. This sequencing is easily handled by Dexterity WMS. Items can also be prioritised by customer and due date.

This kind of flexibility is made possible with Dexterity WMS. It allows you to increase the speed and efficiency of your warehouse picking operations while accommodating your customer's demanding shipping requirements.

We have a wealth of experience in implementing our specialist Dexterity WMS Systems to help clients realise the benefits of a smart Warehouse Management System. Please get in touch for a no obligation and no pressure discussion on how Dexterity WMS could help your business.


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