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Businesses Depend on Real-Time Systems to Stay Competitive

Realtime Data

Over the years I've had the same conversation with many warehouse and commercial managers in many businesses. They are hampered and frustrated by the fact that they don't have a "real time" view of performance in the business until the end of the day or even the next day - Why? Because they don't have a real time WMS System in place.

The number of orders picked during the day, the latest stock situation, did we miss a shipment? did we hit our target? If you are using paperwork to drive warehouse operations then you won't know the answers to these crucial questions until it’s too late, and then you're not in a position to do anything about it anyway.

There is no doubt that we live in a "real time information" age. Live news updates on TV and Social Media is now the norm in modern life, we take it for granted. So it seems strange that the warehouse operation and its performance is in many businesses, still run on paperwork and systems that rely on manual keying-in of data sometimes hours after the event. No one knows the current status of orders in the warehouse or the up to date stock position until all the paperwork has been updated and keyed-in.

Managing Processes in Real-time

The primary function of all warehouses has always been receiving, putaway, picking, packing, and shipping, that’s never going to change. However, for many businesses, implementing a real time warehouse management system is impacting on the way these basic functions are executed. Real time WMS systems are the key that makes this "new norm" possible as it directs all material handling operations.

A simple example would be - a warehouse worker performs a stock movement or a putaway to location. Using a handheld mobile computer, the barcode label on the product is scanned, the WMS software then recommends the optimal location for the stock. The location barcode is scanned to confirm the transaction and the system is updated "live". The result or “business value” is improved warehouse slotting, warehouse and administrative labour savings, and improved inventory accuracy.

Dynamic "Real Time" Order Picking

Order Picking is where a WMS System really comes into its own. The WMS software drives the operation on the warehouse floor, without paperwork and in real time. It knows the order priorities of the day, it knows the live status of every order in the warehouse, it knows what stock is available to pick and its QC status (on-hold, etc.) and therefore provides up to the minute visibility to the business.

Dexterity WMS uses "dynamic" decision making to guide the workers. What this means is that it decides at the point of scanning which is the best location to pick the stock from based on the order criteria and guides the picker accordingly. Why is "dynamic" better than pre-allocation? Pre-allocation of locations for picking can cause issues as you may not know the order in which the customer orders will be processed which can result in empty pick bays, unnecessary pickface replenishment, double handling of stock, and inefficient routings resulting in increased travel times to pick the orders.

Dexterity WMS Real Time Systems make the difference

Dexterity WMS is real time in every way. Real time visibility of all stock and orders coupled with dynamic real time decisions based on an ever changing warehouse situation means that you will be in control, and aware of every aspect of the operation.

We have a wealth of experience in implementing our specialist Dexterity WMS Systems to help clients realise the benefits of a smart barcode driven Warehouse Management System. Please get in touch for a no obligation and no pressure discussion on how Dexterity WMS could help your business.

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