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The Dexterity WMS Top 10 "Must Haves"

Dexterity Top 10

Your business is growing, marketing is working, you're getting more orders - Happy Days! Are you also finding that the warehouse operation isn't able to keep pace? It is a common story for growing businesses, the big focus is on selling more and often the warehouse and distribution operation becomes the bottleneck in the business.

If this is your story then now is the time to be considering investing in a warehouse management system (WMS). A WMS system can help automate, streamline and speed up those repetitive processes that stop you shipping orders on-time every-time to keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

The warehouse process can be a never ending cycle of repetitive work tasks suck as pick note generation and management, carrier label selection and printing, goods receiving, stock replenishments, manual pack note creation, and all done manually through keyboard and paperwork inputs and outputs. Get Smart and start thinking about a Smart WMS System that will allow you to process more orders without increasing the workforce and the overhead.

Below are our Dexterity WMS Top 10 points that make the warehouse streamlined and error free: 1. Elimination of paperwork and re-keying. Complete transaction management. 2. "Live" up to the second Inventory Management with instant views of the stock situation. 3. Wireless and Live transactional scanning with validation at every stage. 4. Scan to Pick, Scan to Pack, Scan to Despatch. 5. Paperless environment, no pick notes, and system driven 6. Auto-generation of all documentation: despatch notes, customer labels, carrier labels. 7. Quick and Efficient handling of Customer Returns 8. Smooth Goods In procedures handling through scanning against ASN's or Container ID's 9. Integration with Carrier Software to eliminate the re-keying of delivery addresses. 10. Integration with your ERP Software (Financials, Commercials, etc).

There are many more benefits and efficiency gains to be made through the use of a specialist WMS Systems. Explore this website to get more details and read the case studies to find out what our users say.

We have a wealth of experience in implementing our specialist Dexterity WMS Systems to help clients realise the benefits of a smart Warehouse Management System. Please get in touch for a no obligation and no pressure discussion on how Dexterity WMS could help your business.

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