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2D Bar Codes – An Aid to Warehouse Efficiency

2D barcodes are becoming more commonplace in logistics these days. You see them on many retail packages and market sectors like pharmaceuticals make extensive use of 2D barcodes. As 2D barcode usage grows across the distribution network it becomes important that technology and software systems keep up making it easier for businesses to take advantage of the inherent efficient benefits.

How does this work:

Supply chain professionals are always looking for efficiency improvements and sometimes the simple 2D barcode gets overlooked. The standard 1D or linear barcode can only encode a limited amount of data before it becomes too long to print and scan on standard label sizes meaning that you may need to scan two or three separate linear barcodes to validate the product, batch number, date, etc. In many situations, using a 2D barcode can reduce three scans to one scan and still validate the data using a smart WMS system. This saves time and can for some processes eliminate manual data entry entirely.

Lets look at an example:

We are in a business that needs to record product, batch no & expiry dates for inventory and picked orders for traceability purposes. Below we show the labels using 1D and 2D barcode technologies:

Exactly the same information is encoded in the barcodes on each label. The 1D code would need three scans to capture and validate the data the 2D code only one scan, get the idea? Now you can begin to see the benefits.

Consider the labels and input screens that you currently use and how many multiple scans are used to record vital information, pressing tab to move between input fields, etc. One scan instead of three in our example, thats got to save time and effort and be more accurate!

Implementing 2D bar codes for the first time normally requires hardware, process and software changes. Using our Dexterity WMS system which has native support for 2D barcodes, it just works, and Dexterity WMS also supports 1D and 2D barcodes in the same application, so you have the best of both worlds.

We have a wealth of experience in implementing our specialist Dexterity WMS Systems to help clients realise the benefits of a smart Warehouse Management System. Please get in touch for a no obligation and no pressure discussion on how Dexterity WMS could help your business.

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