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Dexterity WMS - Plan & Pick - The Work Queue

Plan and Pick Work Queue

We've implemented many WMS systems over the years and probably the highest payback area is order picking using handheld terminals over WiFi. The idea is of course that the warehouse staff are scanning to pick rather than using the paperwork pick note methods of old. Although this is a big step forward in reducing the time and errors associated with order picking there is another strategy that should be addressed to give you that really big win in the warehouse:

Plan the Work Queue!

Its all very well scanning to pick but planning and prioritising the work so that its done in the right order is the key to real efficiency improvements through time savings and customer satisfaction.

Using the advanced and flexible Order Management Utility you can put priorities on orders so that they get scheduled for pick first. This can also be combined with priority customers, order grouping for like products, due dates, and even down to assigning order types to individual pickers who may have particular skills in picking and packing specific types of products, e.g. fragile items, kitted parts, etc.

Dexterity WMS Order Management is a powerful workbook style utility which gives you a visual and easy to use tool to plan the days work to suit your priorities and your workforce. Used in the right way in conjunction with our Paperless "Get Next Pick" features it can streamline the order picking process as well as providing a real time view of the status of every order in the warehouse. Invaluable for improved customer service in terms of speed, accuracy and visibility across the whole operation.

These advanced and automated methods are particularly valuable in high throughput and fast moving industry warehouses like Ecommerce, Fulfilment & Distribution.

We've implemented many successful systems across many industry sectors over the years - Give us a call to discuss your warehouse management project.

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