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Dexterity WMS and Sage 200 - Enhance your Warehouse

Dexterity WMS for Sage 200

Sage 200 is a fine system for managing your business, designed for SME's and particularly good at managing the finances, ledgers and order taking, it's probably the leader in it's market sector. But what does it offer in terms of warehouse management?

There are some "add-ons" available from a handful of Sage Developers but they don't really deliver what you might call "Warehouse Management" functionality, more barcode scanning and printing labels etc. Not really WMS as the rules of the warehouse and how you process stock and orders are restricted by the Sage 200 rules.

For a true Warehouse Management Solution for Sage 200 you need to look for a specialist WMS solution with Sage integration. A system that takes the rules outside Sage to provide the flexible, real world, automated processes to deliver fast and efficient methods for stock management, order picking, packing & despatch.

Dexterity WMS effectively takes the warehouse and inventory management rules outside Sage 200 to provide a fully fledged warehouse management system using WiFi technology and smart software. This lets Sage concentrate on what its good at, i.e. the commercial management of your business. Dexterity WMS manages the distribution and warehousing operations with "live" integration into Sage 200.

With many successful Dexterity WMS installations for Sage 200 users, we know how to deliver an integrated, flexible and complete WMS system for our Sage Users. From Goods In to Pick Pack & Despatch, we have every process covered.

Take a look at some of our case studies for Dexterity WMS with Sage 200 and decide for yourself.

We've implemented many successful systems across many industry sectors for Sage 200 users over the years - Give us a call to discuss your warehouse management project.

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