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GS1 UK Labelling Survey Reveals Mixed Readiness for Food Information to Consumers

A survey by GS1 UK reveals what many of us in the business have known for some time, that many Food Manufacturers and packers are not yet prepared for the EU 1169/2011 Regulation (FIC). The regulations cover many areas but the main challenge is to list all ingredients and highlight the Allergens that are present. This is not a trivial task with food products containing very wide ranges of ingredients and allergens differing from one product to another. The solution is NiceLabel PowerForms and some clever design and configuration work from Barcode-IT. Check it out here: Barcode-IT Allergens Solution

GS1 Barcoding

Gary Lynch, CEO at GS1 UK comments: “Compliance with FIC is proving to be a complex process for industry, as it comprises many different areas and can involve multiple teams and in some cases thousands of products, each with different size labels and different requirements specific to the ingredient type. We recommend that all businesses involved in the supply and sale of food and drink products aim to be compliant well in advance of the 13th December deadline, to help avoid bottlenecks and ensure contingency measures can be put in place should final labelling errors be found.“

See how we have helped one local company to to make a start on compliance, look here: Lancashire Cheese Manufacturer

If your company needs help in addressing the new EU regulations on food labelling, give the Barcode-IT team a call on 01200 441977. We have good solutions and the expertise to guide you to a cost effective solution.

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