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From Beetroots to Batteries

"From Beetroots to Batteries", Dexterity WMS provides a flexible and configurable solution for your business. We have the experience, built on many years of working in the warehousing world, to be able to understand and configure our Dexterity WMS system to match the requirements of pretty much any business that needs to keep track of their inventory and make the warehouse a more efficient proposition.

Every industry and business has it's own "unique" requirements and at Barcode-IT we take the time to understand every nuance of our customers warehouse requirement when building their Dexterity WMS solution. Lets have a look at the various solutions we've provided over the years and the key requirements and benefilts achieved from some of our implementations:

Endon Lighting : Improved fulfilment times, down from 48 to 24 hours.

Supreme Imports : 0.1% Stocktake Variance.

Bristol Novelty : Increased productivity by 15% on Order Picking activities.

Dexion Storage : Achieved 99.7 stock accuracy through Dexterity implementation.

These are all quite different businesses with different operational models, yet they all use Dexterity WMS to achieve these improvements in their warehouse operations. How is this possible using the same software solution?

The answer lies in our philosophy and how we approach each customer project. For us it's not about what software you currently use, be it Sage or SAP, it's all about providing a solution for your operational warehouse issues. The question is often this: "I must have a solution that automates what we do now and "mimics" or automates our current way of working."

But in fact do you really want to automate a manual paperwork process or are you really looking for a better and more efficient way of working? It's the old adage, don't try to automate a flawed method and process, you need to take a step back and consider a new approach. It's a common mistake and one than we can help with based on years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of warehouse operations.

At Barcode-IT we come at the project from the warehouse perspective, not "how can we add barcoding to our current system".

Dexterity WMS is configurable and flexible. Every new project we tackle brings new functionality to the software, this then becomes standard in the next version and so we move on.

Our Dexterity Warehouse Management Solution becomes ever more flexible and configurable which means we can adapt the software to meet the needs of virtually any business.

This is achieved through a "parameter driven" approach to our software design and implementation methods. It's not about writing bespoke software which can be expensive and difficult to support, the Dexterity Warehouse Management Solution is based on configurable options down to the operator level. Sure, there are always "unique" requirements for every warehouse management system project and we will take these on board and deliver the new features - this is what takes us forward and enhances our Dexterity WMS offering to our prospective clients. We'll go that extra mile to make sure you get a warehouse management solution that works for you.

This is how we can provide solutions "From Beetroots to Batteries" - read our BLOG for more information and details.

project. We've implemented many successful systems across many industry sectors over the years - Give us a call to discuss your warehouse management


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