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Dexterity WMS connects "Under the Bonnet" with Sage 200

Dexterity WMS - Sage 200

As a Sage Developer of some 12 years our Dexterity WMS software is tightly integrated with Sage 200. There is no need for third party integration tools or "connectors" that can be the problem link when integrating Sage 200 with other applications.

Our IEU (Import Export Utility) for Sage 200 is connected "under the bonnet" so to speak. There are no file transfers with delays and error messages to worry about, its completely live and transactional.

In simple terms its the difference between pulling a trailer (3rd party integration) or having a turbo charger on your engine. With Dexterity WMS (the turbo), its all interactive and "live".

Real time integration is a key factor when it comes to warehouse management systems to make sure that everyone from the sales team to the warehouse are up to date with the current situation.

Many of our competitors claim to have a fully integrated solution for Sage 200 but fall short when it comes to real world experience of how the warehouse operation works and interacts with the commercial world.

We have it covered! With Dexterity WMS everything happens in "real time" and Sage 200 is kept up to date with goods receipts, stock management, order picking and despatch "live".

With Dexterity WMS for Sage 200 you have a proven solution, fully integrated with your Sage 200 Commercial software.

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