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Critical Questions for the Modern Warehouse

The need to increase visibility - To improve visibility is probably the most important factor for modern warehouse operations. It's about knowing where every piece of stock is located in the warehouse with a Pallet ID (or Licence Plate Number - LPN - in warehouse speak) with batch numbers, serial numbers, age of stock and so on etc. If you can achieve this you have control of the where, the when and the how to of your warehouse operations. Can you fulfill the order book? Are all order fully allocated? Take a view on partial shipments? Modern WMS Systems provide this visibility which means you an plan the days work and effectively monitor progress with confidence.

The need to increase Productivity - Productivity comes in many forms, but essentially the answer is to automate the processes using technology. Smart WMS Software together with the right equipment including mobile scanning terminals and barcode identification is the modern and most efficient way to increase productivity in the warehouse. Its a win-win situation for the business and the warehouse worker! Automatically assigning tasks and the workflow increases thereby maximising your workforce capacity - get more order shipped with the same resource. That must make sense.

More satisfied customers - Customer satifaction is the bottom line for all businesses, you want them to keep coming back - right? In todays ever changing and competitive markets if you're not on your game you better watch out as your competitors pass you by. To thrive you need to deliver on accuracy and lead times. Mistakes in order picking and deliveries will definitely hamper customer trust and satisfaction whereas if they get what they ordered when its promised they will return again and again. Automated Order Picking with handheld terminals and WMS software to drive the workforce you can deliver the correct products to the customer, on time.

Yes, its a tough world out there, whether you're in ECommerce, Wholesale, Distribution or Manufacturing, WMS Systems can help give you the edge - Dexterity WMS delivers the advanced functionality for SME businesses to achieve these increases - Contact us now for a no obligation consultation.

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