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Cross Docking & Auto Stock Allocation

Advanced functionality within Dexterity WMS helps streamline the "cross docking" and allocation of inbound goods to priority outstanding customer orders waiting for stock. It eliminates the need to receive and putaway the stock into the warehouse, allocate the stock manually in your ERP system, and then pick from the location thereby double handling the stock, wasting valuable time.

The Cross Dock and Allocate function in Dexterity WMS means that priority orders are fulfilled quickly saving warehouse processing time and making sure your customers get their goods in the shortest possible time. Smart algorithms allocate the inbound stock to make sure priority orders and customers are fulfilled first thereby automating the whole process.

Advantages of Cross Docking:

  • Reduces material handling.

  • Elimination of processes such as ‘pick-location’ and ‘order picking’.

  • Reduces need to store products in warehouse.

  • Reduced labour costs.

  • Reduced time to reach the customer.

For Sage 200 Users it's even better. Dexterity WMS via it's tight integration, auto-allocates the stock against the orders based on a rule set and updates allocated and free stock accordingly "live".

Cross Docking

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