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Stocktake while you Work

The stocktake functionality in Dexterity WMS allows you to perform stocktakes whilst still receiving goods and picking customer orders. There is no need to shut down operations whilst you do the quarterly or annual stocktake which can save days of tedious work and usually an overtime bill to match.

With Dexterity WMS you can count the locations and products whilst still processing orders. Dexterity takes a "snapshot" of the location at the point of the stock count transaction, records what is expected and what is counted and makes this available in a "Manage Stocktake" Utility which allows you to review the reported variances. You can then recount and/or update as required using a stock adjustment posting.

A massive time saver and valuable aid to todays busy and demanding distribution businesses.

For Sage 200 Users, the Dexterity WMS stocktake functionality also handles batch numbers, serial numbers and expiry dates solving the inherent issues with Sage 200 "Stock Card" creation and posting.

"Stocktake while you Work"

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