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How WMS Improves Customer Service

Customer Service WMS

Every business is focused on improving customer service, it's the thing that separates the good companies from the rest, the difference between success and failure and being competitive or not. So what do we do, employ more customer service staff, make our websites easier to use and nicer to look at. I'll bet that improving your warehouse operations and processes isn't the first thing you thought of! - Read on !

So lets have a look at some of the areas were WMS can help you improve customer service:

Visibility – Knowing what is happening in the warehouse "live" is a must have. Knowing the status of every customers order and the status of your products are critical elements for customer service. If you can't let customer know when they can expect delivery or whether their order is "on-hold", "being picked" or "despatched" then you're left looking like you're not in control and don't have the answers to customer questions. This is where a comprehensive WMS System comes into its own - with WMS you have complete visibility into everything thats happening in the warehouse in real time and the impact it can have on your promise to customers. Quick and accurate feedback to customers can make the difference between them coming back or going elsewhere with their business.

Faster Delivery – In todays competitive markets its all about who can deliver faster and if you're a distributor this is of paramount importance. If your competitor can deliver on a 24 hour service and you manage 48 hours, you're going to lose every time, stands to reason. With the help of a WMS System, you to will be able to improve delivery times which wins new customers and retains your existing ones..

Managing Change – One day in the warehouse is the same as the next, right? - wrong! Change is constant and if you can't manage the change you will flounder and be left behind. This is yet another critical area where a Warehouse Management System can help - because you have the visibility its gives you the flexibility to manage, handle and respond to the changes, as and when they happen - and they will! The customer still gets what they want when they want it.

Better Communication – The keystone to good customer service is communication. If you can't communicate effective accurate information to your customer in terms of stock levels or delivery times you're all at sea. A Smart WMS System can automate communications not only to your customers but also to key members of your team who can react and inform to provide an improved customer service and clear and accurate messages.

Your service is what your customers see, its the only thing they see. They won't see how hard you work and they probably don't care. If they don't receive the service you promised and they expect they may look elsewhere.

So its simple - Warehouse Management Systems deliver on improved Customer Service.


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