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Keep Calm It's Stocktake

Dexterity now has enhanced stocktake and reconciliation functionality for Sage 200 which can cater for all types of inventory. This includes those difficult to manage traceable items: batch managed and serial numbered items. Using Sage 200, managing stocktakes, particularly of traceable items has always been an issue, i.e. you can't do it with Sage 200 without doing tedious manual adjustments using stock discoveries and write-offs.

With the latest Dexterity functionality you can import the current stock situation into Dexterity for review and reconciliation, view the stock adjustments required and selectively generate and post the adjustments to Sage 200. You can also decide the stock costing method used when posting to Sage to keep the accountants happy.

Stocktaking with Dexterity for Sage 200 just got a whole lot easier, taking less time and ensuring accurate stock alignment from warehouse to ledgers.

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