• Jim Southern

Container Management - Easy Receiving

Container Management

Many businesses receive goods in Containers which are “loose packed” and may contain many Purchase Orders. Matching up the receipts to the Purchase Orders in this situation can be an even bigger headache – sort the items by product, count the items, match them to the Purchase Orders, record and key in the results to update the ERP system.

What if you had a system where you could receive against a unique Container record which holds the details of all the Purchase Orders in the Container with the items and quantities? What if all you had to do was scan a Container ID, scan the item barcodes, build the pallets and the system worked it all out for you and updated all the Purchase Orders and Inventory in an intelligent way?

This would save you vast amounts of time and resources, right? This is how our Dexterity WMS users manage Goods Receiving. Quick, Accurate and Live.

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