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Complex Barcodes Supported

New functionality is available in Dexterity V3 which supports the use of complex barcodes making warehouse scanning transactions with Dexterity easier and quicker than ever. What this simply means is a barcode that contains multiple information or data. For example, in a warehouse application, a barcode could contain the Item Code and Batch Code combined. What this means in a warehouse management system context is that a single barcode is scanned to capture the data at goods receiving and stocktaking and for confirmation and verification at point of picking. Some examples could be 1D or 2D barcodes.

Complex Barcodes

The example above incorporates the EAN product code and the batch code prefixed by the GS1 AI number (this identifies the data that follows).

2D Barcodes

This example is a 2D barcode, common in pharmaceutical and medical applications and again incorporates multiple data.

See more information on GS1 barcodes and standards here: www.gs1.org/gsmp/kc/barcodes

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