• Jim Southern

Tangle Teezer "Go Live" in Record Time

Tangle Teezer are "live" with Dexterity WMS at their new Distribution Centre in Croydon. Working to a tight schedule to transfer all stock from their London warehouse and off-site storage facilities into the new DC during August, Dexterity was installed along side an upgrade to their Sage 200 software from Datel, and used to book in the new stock with the system "going live" after the Bank Holiday weekend (a new record for implementation to go live).

Dexterity is now used to manage all aspects of the distribution operation from goods in to pick and ship with full integration with Sage 200 release 2013 and their DPD Carrier Software which automates the shipping function through automatic printing of the carrier labels.

Barcode-IT worked closely with Datel (Tangle Teezers Sage Partner) to ensure a smooth install and integration.



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