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Receive Smart - Pick Smart

When you look at the benefits and how they are presented by vendors it’s all geared towards the order picking and fulfillment process right? This is where the ultimate payback and ROI are calculated from – you can pick more orders faster, accurately with the same workforce – every presentation you’ve ever sat through will focus on this to demonstrate justification. And why not, it’s true.

What is often overlooked and undervalued is the importance of the supporting processes that make sure the products are in the right place to facilitate the efficient picking process. Consider, for example the processes involved in Goods Receiving, if you don’t have efficient and intelligent methods and processes in place when the goods arrive, they may not get booked in for hours and therefore not available for sale and not in the right place to be picked for the customer orders. In a fast moving business, this can be more than a hindrance, it can be crippling and result in over stocking, double handling of goods and ultimately lost orders.

Goods Receiving without WMS

Receiving Goods manually usually means checking off the receipts on paper, reconciling the items and quantities and then manually keying in the receipts against the Purchase Order in your ERP system. This of course takes a long time and is prone to counting errors and subsequent keying in errors. The result can mean that the goods don’t appear on your inventory for several hours and therefore cannot be allocated to new sales orders, and may have quantity errors to compound the problem.

Goods Receiving with WMS

Receiving Goods using a WMS system involves scanning the goods to ensure they are correct for the Purchase Order and that the quantities match what you ordered. You can use the WMS processes to quickly label, identity and build pallets so that they are immediately available for location into the warehouse and therefore available for sale and picking for customers. Your ERP system is updated by WMS without the need to key in the results – it’s seamless, quick and accurate.

Containers and ASN’s

Many businesses receive goods in Containers which are “loose packed” and may contain many Purchase Orders. Matching up the receipts to the Purchase Orders in this situation can be an even bigger headache – sort the items by product, count the items, match them to the Purchase Orders, record and key in the results to update the ERP system.

What if you had a system where you could receive against a unique Container record which holds the details of all the Purchase Orders in the Container with the items and quantities? What if all you had to do was scan a Container ID, scan the item barcodes, build the pallets and the system worked it all out for you and updated all the Purchase Orders and Inventory in an intelligent way? This would save you vast amounts of time and resources, right? This is how our Dexterity WMS users manage Goods Receiving. Quick, Accurate and Live.

Immediate Putaway to Location

Because the Goods Receiving is real time, you can start to putaway the goods straight away. There is no need to wait for the whole container to be unloaded as each pallet is traceable to the Container it was received against. Immediate putaway means that you have real time inventory updates and that the stock is visible to sales to immediately allocate to new customer orders to improve delivery times and customer service.

Guided Putaway Rules within the WMS system also ensures that the stock is located to the correct location in the warehouse e.g. nearest to pickface, nearest empty location, product zone etc.

Supporting Efficient Picking Processes

In short, receiving the goods quickly, accurately and locating them in the right place in the warehouse makes sure that products are immediately available for sale and picking in the most efficient manner.

Receive Smart – Pick Smart.

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