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The Efficient Warehouse : Workflow is the Key

The Efficient Warehouse

Lets face it, when it comes to running an efficient warehouse operation it's down to workflow. What that means is picking the customers orders in the right order based on their importance and priority. Allocating the effort across the warehouse workforce is essential to make sure that all operatives are contributing to order throughput and monitoring picker performance means you know who are the star performers.

The Dexterity WMS system allows you to priortise the work to ensure the orders are processed and picked accurately and based on the delivery deadlines promised to your customer.

Endon Lighting use Dexterity Advanced Order Management which helps guarantee next day delivery. Orders are consolidated and grouped for each customer and are picked and despatched together to a single address. With a defined cut off time, any orders placed before the cut-off are automatically consolidated and picked in a single run for despatch that day. Managers can override the standard rule and move urgent orders to immediate pick if required, offering flexibility within the system.

Ian MacDonald, IT Manager at Endon, sums up the benefits of the Dexterity Order Management function as: " No panics. No dramas. Just smooth workflow "

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