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Why do I need a WMS System?

Why WMS?

Welcome to our first blog on our recently re-launched website. Lets start at the beginning: Why do I need a WMS System?

I already use Sage or SAP which manages my stock. It's a common question that we hear all the time.

It's true that many Commercial and ERP software packages have a stock module that will keep track of how much stock you have but they don't typically have any functionality or inherent processes that extend into the warehouse to make it more efficient. It's more about printed documents and re-keying information about receipts, locating stock and picking for customer orders. This means that the warehouse staff are working for the system and expending a lot of effort completing paperwork and updating the system. It also slows up the warehouse processes through operators trying to juggle the paperwork to make sense of the workload.

If we think about it, companies don't question investment in Commercial Systems to run their business and often forget the "engine room" where the products are stored and customer orders picked and despatched. For fast moving businesses like eCommerce and wholesale, fast and accurate order fulfilment can be a real issue, so why not focus on the warehouse for business improvements.

A flexible and well implemented WMS System can transform your warehouse to become an asset to your business rather than the bottleneck. Using Wireless handheld terminals and printers means that the operators are free from paperwork and guided by the system to perform the work in the most efficient way. Some of our customers have reported warehouse throughput significantly increased (one reports 25%) and others have been able to improve delivery times from 48 to 24 hours. Stock accuracy is improved as a WMS System manages and checks every process from Goods In to Picking and Shipping by the scanning of barcodes to confirm the transactions.

As well as automating the warehouse processes, a WMS System also feeds into your Commercial Software and provides the Sales and Management teams with a real-time view of order progress and workflow. You can answer those customer queries in an instant based on live information.

Deciding on a WMS solution to manage your warehouse is an important one. Choose a flexible system that can change with you as your business evolves and your customers demand more.

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